Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Recreational Vehicles Insurance is for owners of motor homes, which can range from small camper vans to large luxury coaches. This special insurance coverage varies in kind and price depending on the type of recreational vehicle (RV) you own. The coverage also takes into account how often you use your RV, whether or not you actually live in it, and other considerations. Briefly, the three classes of RVs are:

• Class A: Luxury coach models up to 75 feet (including converted buses)
• Class B: Smaller models that don’t have cab overs (the RV portion doesn’t extend over the driver’s seat)
• Class C: Cargo van type models; part of the RV extends over the driver’s area (includes 5th wheel models)

Generally speaking, you don’t have to have insurance coverage on your RV if it is not drivable, but only towable. Other than that, RV insurance coverage is mandatory under these conditions:

• If your RV is classified as a motor home
• If you have financed your RV
• If you are renting your RV

Just like other vehicles, an RV is motorized so it requires the same type of collision and liability coverage as any vehicle that is on the road. Additionally, Recreational Vehicles Insurance policies can help protect your investment by covering your personal possessions, furnishings, and even your satellite dish. Having this insurance is especially important if you are using your RV as a home; essentially, it doubles as a home insurance policy.

Other options may include roadside assistance due to a breakdown, vacation or RV campsite coverage, compensation in the event an uninsured motorist collides with your RV, towing charges due to an accident or breakdown, damages from animals, vandalism, damage from severe weather, and theft.

Obviously, RV insurance is important even if you don’t live in your RV year round. If you keep your RV parked on your property when you aren’t using it for travel, as many people do, or even if you keep it parked elsewhere, it is still subject to weather damage, vandalism, or theft. The right insurance policy will cover those unpredictable events as well.