Help SOFLA Families with a Sick Child

Family always comes first. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking when a child of yours falls sick with a severe or life-threatening illness.  For that reason, we are supporting them with our latest  Community Cause Campaign. Parents with children who are hospitalized put their own health on the line as they agonize over their little one’s recovery, treatments, and medical costs, suffering through what sometimes seem to be endless nights. Parents often spend their time and resources on transportation from work and to hospitals to make sure their child received all the treatments necessary and making sure they spend every possible every second together, particularly when the prognosis is dire and fear clouds their days.

The Ronald McDonald House is an institution that brings hope every single day to families who need it most! A place where families can rest, have a meal together, always knowing there are nearby hospitals where their children can be seen by health professionals. This allows families to have more time with their children, and less time spent running around. Through the generosity of their many volunteers and donors, the Ronald McDonald House can provide a home away from home for families whose child is battling tough illnesses.

Your team at Paragon Insurance Group is vested in helping families find the time they deserve to spend with their child who is battling severe illnesses and you can help us accomplish that goal. When you recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive a no-obligation insurance quote from us, we’ll donate $10 in your name for each person! All funds raised during this campaign will go directly to the Ronald McDonald House, caring for families through the toughest points in their lives and helping them live with no regrets over lost time.

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